Pictures, mixtures, drawings, paintings
and one-page graphic novels


THINK+feel, Contemporary Art Gallery, Miami, USA (2015) | Nighthawks Vernissage, Michaela Helfrich Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2014) | And the ship sails, Radishev Museum, Saratov, Russia (2014) | Starassengeister spielen Kosmonauten, 48 Stunden Berlin-Neukolln & Michaela Helfrich Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2012) Nacht und Nebel Performance, Michaela Helfrich Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2010) | Animation Work-Shop, Torino Cinemagiovanne, Turin, Italy (1994) | Live-action painting and perfomances in Roxy club, Bataglion prostor, Stary Mlin Cultural Center, Prague, Chech Republic (1994) | Maria Guerra Private Gallery, Madrid, Spain (1993) | "Group 6" Exibition, Royal Hotel, Santander, Spain (1993) | "Group 6" Exibition, Neustadt castle, Hannover, Germany (1993)

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Usual Locations

Peter Dzogaba is represented by Think+Feel Contemporary and Michaela Helfrich Galerie

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